Elaine Donovan

Director, Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc.

Elaine Donovan graduated from Catholic University with a BA degree in Economics and Quantitative Management. Soon after she met and married Bill Donovan, a Naval Aviator. After the invention of the computer, her degree became rather obsolete, which, was perfectly timed with the arrival of her first child. And so, she gladly became a stay-at-home Mom, and consummate Navy wife. After the death of her husband on 9-11 at the attack on the Pentagon, Elaine decided it was time to stop unpacking houses and settled in the DC area. When Elaine is not spending time with her three children, family and friends, she can be found hiking or working in her garden, after which she often enjoys a stint in her massage chair and at least one glass of fine red wine. Besides being a wine enthusiast, Elaine also enjoys discovering the world. After reaching Mt. Everest’s Base Camp in 2006, Elaine became enthralled with the Himalayas and one day hopes to return to Nepal and travel to Tibet. Above all else, Elaine eagerly awaits the arrival of her future grandchildren.