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9/11 Memorial of Maryland Design Team Reveals First Look at Monument Honoring 63 Marylanders Who Perished in Sept. 11 Attacks

Press Release - Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maryland 9/11 Memorial

BALTIMORE, MD (May 18, 2011) – Baltimore architectural firm Ziger/Snead today will debut the design of Maryland’s 9/11 Memorial, scheduled to be unveiled this year on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The memorial will incorporate steel beams from New York’s Twin Towers, limestone pieces from the west wall of the Pentagon and an artifact from the Shanksville, Pa., Flight 93, memorializing the 63 Marylanders who perished in the events of the day.

“This is a significant memorial that we hope will be extremely meaningful for many Marylanders and pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of all those who lost their lives,” said Randall Griffin, chair of the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland Advisory Committee. “We want to be sure that the Marylanders who perished in the attacks, first responders and families are always remembered.”

A 22 foot-long steel artifact, consisting of three amalgamated steel beams weighing 5,000 lbs, will be the centerpiece of the memorial, to be located on the plaza of the World Trade Center in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The beams were originally part of the New York World Trade Center’s North Tower, between the 94th and 96th floor. The New York artifact will be displayed on a large marble base, which will feature the names of those Marylanders who lost their lives engraved with their birth dates.

Further incorporating the time element into the memorial, Ziger/Snead’s design allows the shadow of Baltimore’s World Trade Center to cut across the memorial and hit in pre-designated increments, signaling the events of the morning of September 11. Similarly, three damaged limestone blocks from the Pentagon will be displayed on a marble base with a description of the events of the day. An artifact from the Shanksville, Pa., flight will be exhibited next to the Pentagon artifact. In addition, pieces from all three locations will be exhibited at the World Trade Center’s Top of the World.

“The Maryland 9/11 Memorial is extremely important to the Maryland families,” said Devora Pontell, who lost her husband Darin Pontell, a U.S. Navy Officer, in the Pentagon attack on Sept. 11. “We now have a place where we can go and remember our loved ones in the state and for my family, that is especially meaningful.”

Working in partnership with Ziger/Snead, Mahan Rykiel Associates will design the landscape, Robert Silman Associates will lead structural engineering and Brandston Partnership will design lighting for the monument. Whiting-Turner is overseeing the construction, which is expected to last through the summer. The formal dedication will take place on September 11, 2011 at 3 p.m. More information about the memorial can be found at