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CVS Offers Postcards for the Pentagon Memorial

Press Release - Monday, May 1, 2006

Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc.

Memorial Day marks the launch of the Pentagon Commemorative Postcard campaign, a collaborative effort between the Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc. and CVS pharmacies and stores in the Washington, DC area.  The postcards feature a photograph of rescue teams unveiling an American flag on top of the Pentagon and will cost one dollar each. All proceeds from the sale of the postcards will be used towards the construction of the Pentagon Memorial. CVS has exclusive rights to sell the postcards through August.

"We are part of the Washington and Pentagon community," says Vernon Goad, Washington area marketing manager for CVS (, which leases space in the east wing of the Pentagon. "We see the impact of this tragedy in our daily lives. The people in Washington are our customers; they are part of the CVS family. We felt that supporting the commemorative postcard would be the right thing to do."

Lynda Webster, Chairman of The Webster Group, consultants to the Pentagon Memorial Fund, first suggested a postcard as a way to commemorate the five-year mark of the attack on the Pentagon. Webster Group vice president Wendy Drake explained that the nature of the postcard-as-memorial will allow it to serve a dual purpose, "Since the postcards can also be mailed, they are a good way to raise awareness of the Pentagon Memorial within the Washington, DC community and with others throughout the United States. We're hoping these postcards will get people excited about the groundbreaking ceremony for the Memorial scheduled for June 15 and maybe consider making a personal donation to help support the construction of the Pentagon Memorial."

Revenue from the sale of the postcards will be used towards the construction of the Memorial. "The cards should raise awareness and support for the project," Drake explains. "Our goal is to gain sponsors for another 100 Memorial Units by the end of 2006." Each of the Memorial's proposed 184 bench-and-pool units honors a life lost in the Pentagon attack and donation of $150,000 is the level needed to become a Memorial Unit Sponsor. Corporate and individual donors have already contributed $10.4 million toward the estimated $22 million needed to construct the Memorial. For information on supporting the postcard project or on becoming a Memorial Unit sponsor, please contact Wendy Drake or Andrew Ammerman at 202-237-0327.