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Ten Years Later: 9-11 Memorial at Montgomery High School

Article - Friday, October 14, 2011

By Liz Stark, '13

On September 11, 2011, students and faculty constructed a memorial on the school’s front lawn.  In total, 2,977 American flags were arranged in the shape of 9 – 11, each flag representing a life that was lost in the attacks.  In addition, the top portion of the 9 resembled a geometric pentagon, symbolizing the people that perished at the Pentagon.

During study hall and unit lunch, students were encouraged to walk outside and plant flags in the memorial.  Even though they were not instructed to be silent at the memorial, students were quiet out of respect for those who had died in the attacks.  The only sound came from occasional cars on Route 601, passing by and honking with approval in recognition of the memorial. 

Kristyn Klinck, a senior at MHS, was inspired by the Young America’s Foundation’s “9-11: Never Forget Project”, and initiated this project at the high school.  “I wanted to do more than a moment of silence,” Klinck said, “This was a more tangible experience.  I think it unified our community.”

While walking back inside, students and faculty recalled September 11, 2001, discussing what they had been doing when they heard news of the terrorist attacks.  The majority of students were merely elementary school kids at the time, while many of the faculty members had been preparing for work or teaching in class.  Others discussed memories of loved ones who had perished in the World Trade Center.

The memorial was completed in time for Sunday’s tenth anniversary of September 11.  “This did take a lot of planning,” Klinck admits, “but I would love if this project continued on.  I hope Montgomery continues to take time to remember 9-11 in the future.”

With such a resilient community of students and faculty, Montgomery High School surely will always remember.