At Dulles International Airport, five hijackers board American Airlines Flight 77 bound for Los Angeles: Khalid al Midhar, Majed Moqed, Nawaf al Hazmi, Salem al Hazmi, and Hani Hanjour. Although some of the men set off metal detector alarms, they are passed through the security checkpoints. When the plane lifts off at 8:20am, it has 64 people on board: a crew of six plus 58 passengers, including the five hijackers with their weapons, probably small knives and box cutters1


Hijackers Salem al-Hazmi (right) and Nawaf al-Hazmi (left) clear security at Washington Dulles Airport. They are among the five who will hijack American Airlines Flight 77, Washington DC to Los Angeles, and crash it into the Pentagon. Only Portland and Dulles airports have security cameras installed at checkpoints. Neither Logan nor Newark airports, the other locations where hijackers undergo security screening, have such surveillance equipment in operation. Courtesy of the US Department of Justice. 3

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Courtesy of the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum