Flight 77, positioned about 3.5 miles west-southwest of the Pentagon, starts a 330-degree descending turn to the right. At the end of the turn, the aircraft is at approximately 2000 feet altitude and 4 miles southwest of the Pentagon. Over the next 30 seconds, power is increased to near maximum; the plane accelerates to approximately 460 knots (530 miles per hour) at impact with the Pentagon.1

Flying just above the Navy Annex Building and a Virginia State Police radio mast, both uphill from the Pentagon and adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, the hijacker pilot guides the Boeing 757 downhill and turns it in a northeasterly direction. 2

This flight simulation is based on Flight 77's flight data recorder ("Black Box"), which recorded the aircraft's air speed, altitude, and heading data. The video captures the 330-degree descending turn made by Flight 77 before its final impact into the Pentagon. The time of the approach, 13:33, reflects GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). At the specified time, GMT was 4 hours ahead of Washington, DC, where it was 9:33am. For sensitivity purposes, the video stops seconds before the plane's impact. Please note that the content of this video is serious and may be distressful for those personally impacted by September 11th.

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