Thirteen of Flight 93’s 40 passengers and crew manage to alert loved ones and authorities to the plane’s hijacking. At least six learn about the attacks on the World Trade Center or the Pentagon. In response, Flight 93’s passengers and crew are believed to have collectively voted to mount a counterattack against the hijackers.

Flight Attendant Sandy Bradshaw is one of the thirteen passengers and crew who succeed in placing phone calls to the authorities or loved ones on the ground. After her call to the United Airlines maintenance facility to report the hijacking, she phoned her husband, Phil, a commercial airline pilot who was home in North Carolina with their young children. In the eight-minute call she reports the emergency and seems to be aware of the other hijackings that morning. Her husband confirms to her that two planes have crashed into the World Trade Center. Bradshaw tells her husband that the plane was hijacked by three men who carried knives and put on red headbands as they were taking over the plane. She said that the passengers were discussing how to overpower the hijackers, including preparing hot water to throw on the hijackers and then to rush them. 1

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