Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge flew over the crash site in a helicopter, then landed nearby and conducted a press conference. “It’s difficult to describe the range of emotions everyone feels when they not only learn about these incidents today, but they’ve actually seen them,” Ridge said. “The dictionary is inadequate, and there just aren’t enough words. But I guess the range of emotions goes from rage and anger to sorrow to horror to, I guess, a sense of nausea that we all feel.” He called on Pennsylvanians to give their prayers, their blood and their talent and promised “a forceful and appropriate response” to those responsible for the “irrational, cowardly, despicable, unconscionable, and immoral” actions that caused United Airlines Flight 93 to crash near Shanksville. 1

1 O’Brien, Mike, “Ridge Promises Forceful Response”. Daily American. September 12, 2001