Pentagon Renovation—The Phoenix Project

“Like the mythical Phoenix bird, the building, too,
has risen from its ashes to be reborn.” – Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz

The Phoenix Project involved rebuilding the section of the Pentagon that suffered structural damage as a result of the September 11 attack. The area of work extended from Corridor 4 to Corridor 5 through the outer three rings of the Pentagon - E, D, and C. The 400,000 square feet of space fell along the dividing line of Wedge 1 and Wedge 2.

The Phoenix Project scope of work included rebuilding the core and shell of Wedge 1 and shell of Wedge 2. In the weeks immediately following the attack, 10,000 tons of debris was hauled from the collapsed area of the building to safely continue the recovery effort. A total of 50,000 tons of debris were moved from the site during demolition.



Crash of Flight 77

Hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 slams into the Pentagon at 530 miles-per-hour, carrying approximately 10,000 gallons of jet fuel...



Demolition Delayed

The decision is made to delay the start of demolition until after the memorial ceremony held on October 11, 2001 at the Pentagon...



Service of Remembrance

A Service of Remembrance is held at the Pentagon site. The large American flag that was draped over the top of the building on September...



Demolition Begins

The full-scale demolition began of 400,000 square feet of space, beginning with the removal of the limestone on the exterior of the building...



Reconstruction Begins

Demolition is completed and reconstruction begins, one month and one day after demolition began. Working two 12-hour shifts seven days...



First Window Installed

The first blast resistant window is installed in the newly constructed E-ring of the Phoenix Project. By this time, the concrete slabs are...



Final Concrete Pour

Workers make the final concrete pour on the Phoenix Project. A topping out ceremony, attended by Secretary of Defense...



Final Piece of Limestone Placed on Pentagon

Nine months after the crash, the final piece of limestone, still stained and scarred from the impact of Flight 77, is put into place on...



First Tenants Return to Offices

The first E-ring tenants return to their offices, 28 days before the September 11 goal. The final Wedge 1 tenants are moved back...



Ceremonies Held

Two ceremonies are held on the Phoenix Project site. Over 12,000 people attend the “United in Freedom” ceremony, held in the morning...