Wendy Ploger

Wendy Ploger, Director, Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc.

Born and raised in Southern California, a job change for Wendy’s father, Robert Ploger III, took her and her family to Maryland, where she received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Returning to California, she worked for a military publisher for five years, illustrating and designing guidebooks for bases around the U.S. – only to return to the east coast where she became art director for the Community Transportation Association of America based in Washington D.C. It was there, in the downtown office where she saw the smoke billowing from the Pentagon, the morning of September 11, 2001. Aware of her father and stepmother’s plans for a honeymoon, it was a few hours before she received confirmation they had been on Flight 77.

Wendy’s involvement with the Pentagon Memorial began at its inception. She served on the committee which picked the winning design, incorporating her extensive art and design background as well as her understanding of public spaces. She continued her service on the board of directors for the Pentagon Memorial Fund, with emphasis on its branding, website, and production of the documentary, A Nation Remembers: The Story of the Pentagon Memorial, among other critical topics.

In pursuit of her love of photography, Wendy moved to New York City bringing her California cool and creative eye to all that she does. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all over the U.S. as well as featured on the New York Times website, the New York Press and other online publications. Primarily an event and portrait photographer, Wendy has also produced a prototype book which tells the story of the Pentagon Memorial in photos and meaningful quotes.

In addition to living on both coasts (twice) her travels have also taken her all over the world, including the countries of Germany, Mexico, France, England, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Italy and Greece.