Memorial Hours

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Mari-Rae Sopper

The subject line of Mari-Rae Sopper’s last e-mail to her family and friends summed it all up. She wrote: “New Job New City New State New Life.” That’s where the 35-year-old was headed when she boarded American Airlines Flight 77. She was on her way to the University of California at Santa Barbara (USCB) to the … Continued

George W. Simmons

George W. Simmons of Great Falls, Virginia tragically lost his life on September 11, 2001, aboard Flight 77 along with his beloved wife of 19 years, Diane M. Simmons.  George retired from Xerox Corporation, where he worked for 32 years as a Manager of Sales Training; he spent his remaining years at the training center … Continued

Diane M. Simmons

Diane M. Simmons of Great Falls, Virginia tragically lost her life on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, as a passenger on Flight 77, along with her beloved husband of 19 years, George W. Simmons.  Diane will always be remembered for her love of family and friends. She loved to travel, visit friends and family, and entertain … Continued

John P. Sammartino

John P. Sammartino, 37, an engineer at XonTech Inc. in Rosslyn, left his Annandale home just after dawn September 11th for Dulles International Airport. With a colleague, he boarded American Airlines Flight 77 to attend a conference in Los Angeles.  By that night, his wife, Deborah Rooney, and other family members were getting ready to … Continued

Todd H. Reuben

Todd Hayes Reuben, 40, of Potomac, Maryland, passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 that struck the Pentagon, was a corporate partner at the Washington law firm of Venable, Baetjer, and Howard. Todd specialized in tax and business transactions and was widely regarded by clients and colleagues as remarkably dedicated to the practice of law and … Continued

Lisa J. Raines

Lisa J. Raines, 42, told colleagues that week that she had to make a grueling one-day trip to California. But she assured them she’d be back in Washington in time for meetings on Capitol Hill. She died when her plane to Los Angeles crashed into the Pentagon. Raines, of Great Falls, was senior vice president … Continued

Zandra F. Ploger

This was to be the honeymoon Zandra Flores Ploger and her new husband Robert Riis Ploger III waited almost four months to take: Hawaii. First-class all the way. Two weeks of nothing but relaxation.  She was so excited to leave on vacation that she had packed her bags a full week before. “I’m not going … Continued

Robert R. Ploger III

Robert Riis Ploger III was born on December 19, 1941, in Ft. Lewis, Washington, to Major General Robert Riis Ploger, USA (ret.) and Marguerite Ploger. He died on September 11, 2001, aboard American Airline’s Flight 77, departing for his honeymoon with Zandra Cooper Ploger.  As the son of a military officer, Mr. Ploger attended 11 … Continued

Robert Penninger

He especially enjoyed motorcycle trips with his wife and friends, and most recently, attending car shows where he won many trophies showing his 1999 Cobra Mustang. He will be greatly missed by all whose lives he touched.

Ruben S. Ornedo

Ruben S. Ornedo was a loving husband, father-to-be, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, son-in-law, brotherin- law, co-worker and friend. He was an easy-going, pleasant guy with a genuinely lovely smile, who was helpful and always concerned about others.  He loved nature, the outdoors, world travel and home renovation. Ruben married the love of his life, … Continued